Tree of Life take 2 and the Evil Eye

Posted on June 17, 2011


Dear Banca,

The bank. While Matteo and I played Monopoly after school today he just wanted to be the bank. He didn’t want to pick a game piece and play he just wanted me to roll the dice and be Snow-white all alone. This is not that fun but after a few times I rolled alone he finally wanted to play too and roll the dice. He realized that he didn’t have any money but the best part was that he told me in English, “no money!” and pointed in front of him. It didn’t matter I just let him have the cards if he wanted them or not without buying them. After a few rounds some how he obtained both the “get out of jail free” cards so he was pretty excited to NOT go to jail. T came to join us and we gave her some money and let her be Peter Pan. When Matteo landed on the “Tax” space she tried to convince him that he had to pay the 200 bucks and he refused. After he tried to take the 200 from the bank she told him that he couldn’t do that either! She told him that if he didn’t pay that he would have to go to jail for not paying his taxes and he was quick to show her his jail passes! He is fast and smart. We laughed when he said, “prison? never!” “Mai” in Italian is never and he only heard me say it once today and understood the meaning so it is good to hear him use new words. He began saying, “you’re welcome” after I thank him which is also sweet and well-mannered. Soon enough he became bored and insisted that he wanted to go and buy some Pokemon cards. T was not going to agree for anything in the world since her mom already promised him that she would take him. He got the tears going and even asked me if I would take him to the bank! I misunderstood and thought he was still talking about Monopoly! Oops. She let me know what he was really asking and I had to tell him that I don’t have a bank here so that was impossible. He was pretty upset and his tired self was let out of the cage! Fourth night in a row after 6 he starts to get restless. He threw some stuff, slammed the doors and then went outside to pull on the innocent plants on the balcony. When he calmed down he came back inside the house but still stomped past his mother and gave her the evil eye.

He calmed down enough to choose a movie for dinner and landed on Narnia. They seriously only watch the battle scenes in the film so it is one of the shortest choices that they make. I helped feed Tommaso and nana arrived just in time to take Matteo for the cards. She made him finish his plate first, which he was ready to go with his last mouthful walking towards to door. They left and Tommaso and I watched the battle scene twice before he took his last bite. I chugged my last small glass of wine and excused myself to make a phone call. I called Miss Texa to let her know about the plans for the movies tonight. I have already seen Tree of Life but it is worth seeing again with a group instead of solo. A few other Americans are meeting us and it should be an interesting night. The last showing is at 10:15 so it will probably be a late night. Might catch a drink or some gelato after the movie so that we can all be movie critics in Rome.


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