The Best Cookie in My Life & Why Can’t I Remember Simple English Words….?

Posted on June 20, 2011


Dear Dr. Diamanti,

This woman is the kids’ pediatrician. I have met her a few times since she has came for plenty of house calls but today I made it a point to ask her some doctor questions. She came to the house to diagnose Matteo and give him some new prescriptions. He has a terrible cough and a super high fever! His temperature fluctuates but the highest read was 104 degrees! Poor kid has something bronchial going on and his body is burning up yet his little feet are cold and he has the chills. I woke up early around 9 am when I heard them talking in his room. I wanted to ask her about my birth control pills so I got up and waited for the right time to enter the room and talk to the doc. T helped me talk with her and I showed her my pills from the states. She easily wrote me out a prescription for something similar and I thanked her. That easy? Soon after she left T asked me to come along to the pharmacy so we went down together while the housekeeper was available if Matteo needed anything while in bed watching Marmaduke. By the time we got down the street she asked if I had to prescription and I forgot it! Always something that I do. I ran back up the get it and met her at the pharmacy. I truly thought that the doctor just wrote me an alternative place to go to not an actual prescription! After we finished at the pharmacy she gave me a list of produce to get from the open market and told me she would see me at home soon. She had a few errands to run herself so I happily took my short list and went fruit shopping. The fruit right now is so amazing and fresh! I found some apples, some dark cherries, a cantaloupe, some strawberries, a few carrots and minestrone. Minestrone here is a premix of vegetables that is weighed out by how much you want. I took about a half kilo. I also picked up some fresh bread and decided to hit the supermercato with the change to get milk. Rice milk for me and a bottle of milk for the kids. It was starting to get really hot by then so I was happy to get home to change into something else! I decided to dress for the park and took my Tarot cards and a towel for a workout and reading.

The walk was short and my iPod entertained until I found the perfect spot in the shade. There are many fallen logs so I picked one to do some plyometrics  but after about ten minutes (I probably got tired!) I slipped a little and cut my calf on a broken branch. It hurt enough but I kept going. After a few minutes I stopped myself since I actually saw blood! I broke skin during my fall. I moved on to a new area and did some safe mat work on my towel until I felt like it was enough. I then did a short Tarot reading that made my day! I love when things are even more confirmed with the cards! I left around 11 and told T that I would be back before 1:30 since she was going to take Tommaso early from school at 2. I packed up and left around ten minutes to 1.

Once I was home I couldn’t wait to eat something! I realized that I only had a yogurt for breakfast and wanted food immediately. I changed into flip-flops and made my favorite lunch: Tuna, white beans, tomato and olive oil. Salt and pepper and a new piece of bread? I can eat this daily and never grow tired of it. Maybe the olive oil is just really tasty so anything with it makes a dish complete. Matteo joined me at the table and we played with his Super Hero puzzle book. It is a large paper back with multiple Heroes including Iron Man, Super Man, Thor, The Hulk and Captain America. I truly like puzzles so I was happy to do a new one that I have never seen. You have to be careful turning the thick pages once the puzzle is complete but I showed him how. Soon as T left the house he started chanting some new words that I didn’t know and I worried that he might be cussing at me. Then he started in with his favorite bad word(s) “vaffanculo.” I told him not to say that and he asked, “per che? (why?)” and I told him that it is a bad word and that I don’t even say it! And he shoots back with, “Nana dice! (Nana says!)” so I told him, “solo nana.” Non possiamo. (only nana. We can’t)” so he nodded but I know that he will say it again! I never laugh when he says it but later I am laughing so much! I think he just liked the sound of of I am positive that he doesn’t understand what this means.

Soon T and Tommaso came back and T told Tommaso over and over again to wash his hands before playing and it took him a good ten minutes. Maybe I won’t be so hard on him to move so fast next time. We enjoyed some apricots and it took me about 5 perfect orange apricots so remember the word in English! I swear I am forgetting English words it is terrible! In Italian it is Albiococca for singular and Albiocche plural. I knew what it was in Italian and seriously forgot the word apricot! They might have been the best albiocche I have ever had so maybe I was distracted by the perfection of sweetness to tartness. The peaches and strawberries are really perfect right now and I can’t wait to try the cherries tomorrow.

When Tommaso went to swimming with his mom nana came over to watch Matteo with me (or to watch us both I suppose?) He went down for a nap so I decided to nap as well. Isn’t it best to sleep when the kids sleep if you don’t have anything that must be done? We napped for about two hours and it was a beautiful nap. Soon they would be back so we settled on the couch to watch the movie Spirit. I like this movie since there are not a lot of words and the story is cute. Maybe I just like movies with wild Indians (like me!) They brought some ice-cream push-pop home for Matteo and he maybe ate only half of it. I know for sure that he must be feeling like crap if he turned down ice-cream. After the film it was almost dinnertime. Tommaso started to show signs that he wasn’t feeling good and his little head started burning up too. Oh no…both of them are sick now? It might be a long week inside the house. I may have plans on Wednesday but if anything I can always go out at night. The kids come first so I will do my best to be their nanny and nurse this week.

After dinner I had some more berries and peaches and was in heaven. Then after I was about to wash my face and brush my teeth S came to ask me if I wanted to try some special desserts from Abruzzo that were special. Of course I do! You don’t have to ask me twice about a new sweet treat. There were three different assortments of cookies and then a few sugar covered almonds as decoration and to eat. The almonds cookies were the BEST cookie I have had in all my life! I tried the chocolate one in the center which was also amazing but I am saving the chocolate pink one for breakfast tomorrow. I think that the almond cookie was called Amaretti. Here is a picture of the best “just a few cookies” display…

I am still thinking about the almond cookie and that was over two hours ago!!!


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