Dancing For Figs

Posted on June 25, 2011


It is LATE! 2:30 am and I cannot write everything from today since I have to be up at the butt-crack of dawn (maybe not that early but 6am is early since it is late now!) and catch a train at 8:15 am to Milano! Sudden trip for two days then on to Venice on Sunday….expensive??? Yes but worth it?? A million times: YES! Earlier in the night before I left we had some wonderful ravioli (pretty much my favorite here in Rome) and some fresh figs for dessert. I didn’t know that figs are my favorite until now. I was “dancing for my food” in my chair and the family noticed and I told them when I REALLY like a food or drink I do my little “dancing for my food” shimmy in my seat. All of you that know me knows this little dance!!!

The kids didn’t want me to leave so they decided to hide my purse from me. We played the Italian version of “hotter/colder” to find it but I learned that their version is “fire/water” instead!! I found my bag eventually (with T’s help of course!) and said goodbye to my boys.

I met with some friends at a local pub and when I arrived I learned what a “giraffe” of beer is. It is a large beer spout for a table! Larger than a pitcher but looked like an iced tea dispenser at a Port-of-Subs! It sat in the center of the table like a master piece! I have pictures to share but I will later…

I must rest now but pictures and adventures in Milan and Venice by Sunday!


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