The War, The Blood, and The Fall of Lexie

Posted on June 28, 2011


Dear Asso,

Yeah I thought he said, “asshole!” Asso is the word for the “ace” in a deck of cards! All I kept thinking was the scene in Meet the Fockers when LJ “little Jack” learns that as his first word! I taught the kids how to play the card game “war” today and we played for a long time! People that know this game realize that it is indeed a long game but anything to keep them occupied for over an hour was good work. This too is a game that is more difficult to be an “impostore” (cheater!) at so there were only a few tears when it was Matteo’s turn to deal and Tommaso thought that his brother was dealing him all the low cards so that he would lose! I shuffled and let him deal so it was impossible for him to do this. Matteo won the first round and I lost out on both the rounds that we played so I just watched them and made sure that they kept their cards face down and didn’t try to trick each other. I was a good referee and studied the “bible” (Italian/English giant dictionary) while I sat between them. At one point there was a seriously intense “war” and it was nothing like I have ever seen before so I had to snap a photo to prove the madness! There were 4 matching cards so 4 wars! Tommaso won in the end with his King to the left. Serious “bible” right!?? I knew these words “sotto” and “sopra” in Italian but helped the children understand the new words in English. Sotto: under. Sopra: above. The reason being that when you win the cards you must put them “under” your pile and when you draw one you must draw the first card in your stack. I wanted to play “go fish” with them so they could practice more English but I couldn’t remember the exact rules or purpose so I will try that tomorrow. I thought about the game of “spoons” which I love, but decided that they were not ready for such a game. It is much too competitive and I can already imagine the fighting so that is a no go. The purpose of that game is to not be the loser…I am just showing them barely how to accept losing and understand that cheating is not acceptable. Maybe if there are more people involved it would be better and they were not sitting near each other it is a possibility.

I want to imagine that Matteo missed me while I was gone over the weekend since in the last two days he has kicked me (on purpose) and threw Monopoly money more than once. He seemed a little “mad” at me and was intentionally messing with me. Perhaps it is my “woman’s day” that is approaching but I am going to go with he was missing me and wanted to torture me a little. When I am telling either one of them to stop I tell them in English first and then immediately in Italian so I know that they understand for sure what I am asking them to stop doing.  (For example: NO YELLING! and then “NON URLARE!”) I heard the door buzz and I was in my room so I literally ran to get the door! I knew that Tommaso wasn’t moving off the couch playing his DS so I booked it to not make her wait. I was wearing socks and as I cut the corner I fell to the floor and crashed into the door. I got up laughing and opened the door out of breath and asked nana if she heard me fall and she did. She just laughed at me and asked if I was okay. I was but a few minutes later my shoulder did hurt enough and I realized that I created a “sock burn” on my ankle from hitting the hardwood floor! Ouch. I didn’t even fall snowboarding this winter with the family yet I fall running for the door? This is my life.

Before lunch nana went back to her house to get her thermometer to make sure that Tommaso didn’t have a fever. The one that was here broke and it was sitting on the counter. I was wondering why they didn’t just throw it out since it was no longer of use but left it there. Moments later I hear something and my heart stopped when I jumped up and realized that Tommaso was banging the glass thermometer on the counter and jabbing it at some plate. I told him to give it to me and next thing I know he shatters it and there is broken glass! He is calm and collected while I am frantic hoping there isn’t a chunk of glass in his tiny pinky! “Blood!” he tells me and shows me the tiny prick and shiny glass on his hand. At least he said blood in English but this is a serious situation! I run him to the bathroom to rinse the teeny cut and clean it with disinfectant. I ask him if it hurts and he shrugs and says it is not that bad, “non c’e male.” I put a bandaid on the area since the blood stopped and he went on with his day. When nana came back he was eager to tell her what happened and show off his bandaid (again if there was still blood he wouldn’t want a bandaid to “cover” it up because he wants to show it off! Both the boys, I have learned, are like this!) I told her that I just threw the broken pieces away and she nodded in agreement.

Soon it was lunch and I purposely didn’t eat much in the morning since I knew that she would over feed me pasta (a huge “nanu” serving!) which was tasty but I was indeed full. Today was proscuito, zucchini and carrots with rigatoni. During lunch Matteo continued to kick me under the table and I finally grabbed his little ankle and made him quit it. He just laughed and I tried not to since I wasn’t even mad I just wanted him to stop since I asked him to. I like when they listen to me and understand what I am asking them. The boys finished what they could of their servings and it was agreed that they would finish their left overs for their “merenda” (afternoon snack) I helped clear the table and when I went to grab the glass jar of grated  cheese it slipped right from my grip since the lid was not on all the way! Another broken glass ALL over the kitchen floor…I grabbed nana’s little dog and put him outside the kitchen and closed the sliding door. Last thing we need is a bloody animal in the house. I swept it up and tried to take care of it but nana assured me not to worry and that she would finish cleaning up the kitchen. Oops. Strike 19? She didn’t seem to mind but I felt bad for wasting good cheese!

Tomorrow I will have my last “free day” before we leave to Tarquinia on Thursday. I misunderstood. I thought we were only going to a week or two. The plan is for THREE weeks! I have the opportunity to come home during the weekends but if I don’t have plans it depends on what I will do. I am sad to not be able to go to the beach with Mickey this week (again!) but what can I do? I will be deeply disappointed if we end up leaving on Friday and I miss the chance but things happen. Maybe just me wanting what I can’t have with him is showing me the truth: that we really don’t have the time for each other. You cannot make life happen; it just does. Whether you want it to or not. If you are ready or you are waiting. It is what it is…


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