Summer Time…And the Livings Easy….!

Posted on June 29, 2011


Dear Friends, Family and Fans,

Tomorrow I leave to Tarquinia with the family for a few weeks! I may have the opportunity to come back to Rome one of the weekends but I will most likely stay there the entire time. Sadly, I will not be able to blog “daily” any more but I will do my best to post intermittently and highlight points of interest, funny moments and about the adventure when I can. I will only have limited internet access (yikes!) but strange enough the time has come. I knew that summer time would be different I just cannot believe how fast that it crept up on me! July will be another fast-moving month and then next thing I know it will be August! Again we will be leaving Rome for the month of August to head back to the Mountains of Ovindoli for summer fun. Bike rides, swimming, horseback riding and playing outside will take the first few weeks of August and then a few days before the 20th we return to Rome to basically do laundry and then pack up to leave to Sardegna! The ship departs the 20th and we will be gone for another few weeks. The first week of September we come back to Rome and then my twisted sister and “Frank” arrive in Rome the 15th of September and then we fly home together the 26th. And that will be a wrap of my adventures in Italy!For now…. I do have every intention on coming back to travel more around Europe and of course I want to visit the family any chance that presents itself! And there are high hopes that someone will come to see me in the States as well…more on that later…

Last night we Skyped with a possible “new aupair” that will fill my position at the end of September! She seems very sweet and she studied child development and will be certified to teach English as a second language this summer. Her and I got along great and got to know each other and I answered all of her questions about the job and a little about what the family is like. She has been to Rome before and I think that she will be an ideal candidate for the family. I was happy to get to play a small role in the decision-making process of the change that is sneaking up on us! I wish nothing but the best for this wonderful family and these wild Italian boys that have stolen my heart.

This will be my last blog for the time being and as I stated before I will try my best to write short updates but they will no longer we full on daily novels! I am now on my way out to watch some fire works at Castel Sant’ Angelo to celebrate the Roman Holiday: The Feast of Saint Peter and Paul. I was wondering why everything was closed today…I wanted to run out to get a few extra things for the trip before leaving Rome but have to wait until tomorrow first thing before we leave at noon. I love a reason to get up so no big deal! Like I always say,”I never know what I am doing until I am doing it!”

So good night and goodbye for now!


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