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Oh My GodMother…”Pretty Good for an American!”

July 31, 2011


Dear Girasole, Sunflower. I really like this word in Italian. Gira means to turn and sole is the sun. Fields and fields of sunflowers in Italy, especially in Tuscany. A while back when Tommaso was still in school he brought home a tiny plant and I did not know it was this until sometime in the last two […]

Do What You Can…

July 27, 2011


Dear Polished Nails, Hot pink…on a 7-year-old! THIS was NOT my idea I promise! I would never allow such a thing on any kid unless I got the parental permission to paint a little boys nails (you never know…) but this is what I witnessed this afternoon. I was on my computer in the living […]

The Last Bite & Computer Addictions…

July 26, 2011


Dear Free Music, I am officially addicted to downloading FREE music! My friend Jules has shown me a secret YouTube converter program that is as simple to use as “cut & paste!” I have gotten about three new hours of music…awww the soundtrack to my life has raised my spirits and has placed me in […]

No Call/No Show Low Blow & a Waste of Band Aids…

July 25, 2011


Dear Absinthe, What a weekend…I didn’t know that this drink was going to transform Monday as the new Sunday! It took me two days to recover but it was worth the fun, laughs, 8am pastry run and great company. I came home from Tarquinia on Saturday before noon and did a little shopping. I had a […]

My Drinking Partner & a Future Promise…

July 21, 2011


Dear Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Who knew that Italians actually liked this type of cheese! Yesterday nonna G made some fantastic rigatoni with eggplant and fresh tomatoes and I asked what else was in the secret sauce since it was seriously the best…I was shocked when she told me it was cream cheese!! Seriously, everything that she makes […]

Threats v.s. Bribery & “You Eat Too Much!”

July 19, 2011


Dear Regalo, Gift! More gifts for me! The other nonna, nonna G, she always has gifts for everyone and she truly knows what I like! I have been wanting a new tank top with buttons and when I arrived Sunday she presented a hot pink tank top just for me! Wrapped up in a cute little bag […]

Gelato for Breakfast…again…

July 18, 2011


Dear Vice Gelateria, This is my second day in a row that I had gelato for “breakfast!” I believe that I am addicted at this point. It is all that I think about. Possibly more than that Romanian boy… Today I had three kinds and I cannot even pick a favorite since they were each so full of […]