Bocce Ball & a Happy Heart in Tuscany

Posted on July 4, 2011


Dear “Go-Fish”,

We remember this game right? Yeah..well I guess that I DO NOT! I tried to teach the boys this game before the interpreters left (their parents) but I failed and Matteo even called the game “schifo” so that did not go well. He basically told me that the game SUCKED and threw the cards across the table! I forgot the simple rules and since we made them sit down to learn a new card game they already were not into it. Oh well. I can try again another time…we have plenty of time together and more vacations to do something new. Such an easy game I forgot the damn rules!! I remembered the next day…it was too late.

Nana arrived on Sunday and now it is just us four. Things are still pretty good and playing outside is plenty of fun! We took another trip to the sea yesterday but what I heard was correct. The beach that is closest to the house is indeed “bruto” (ugly) How can a sea be ugly you might ask? The sand is almost black and no one is in the water AT ALL! It was sort of overcast and I still got some more color so I am all for that. My goal is the become the question once more, “who is that black girl?” like my oldest sisters friends would ask back in the day when we lived in California! I am hoping to get as dark as I can before I introduce myself to Sardegna in a month or so.

I tried to read while the boys took turns shaking dirty sand at me in the wind (by mistake) but still not awesome. Together I showed them how to find cool rocks and perfect shells to keep. I have quite the little collection of stones and teeny tiny shells that are coming home with me. Ok nana and I surely have a hard time communicating BUT we still really enjoy each other’s company, this I know for sure. I was confused today (for the 100th time..easily!) when we were at the sea and having a snack she didn’t want Matteo to eat any more crackers… she wanted him to eat the old hard bread. I didn’t want to eat that bread so I felt like I was sneaking cracker bites with tuna and tomato to Matteo when her back was turned! Why can’t he eat the crackers if that is what he wants? Va bene. Then later at home I asked her if she wanted a coffee after lunch and she told me no. BUT then she said yes and that I misunderstood her. I think we mix up our English\Italian “you” “me” “I”  &  “io”…either way I am always wrong, this I know for sure. (A mother is always right. I cannot wait to become a mother!) Also when I made the kids a beautiful bowl of cut mixed fruit (apricots, plums, peaches and apple) I again offered her a bowl but she told me no. Then later after she was off the phone she went looking for it when I already chowed what was left! Ooops. I am sure that day 3 will get better!

 The kids have a bocce ball set so we played that for a while on the lawn. The kids clearly didn’t understand the rules since Tommaso was arguing that you only gain points when you hit the little ball. No, not true. After nana watched us argue (each of us with our hands on our hips! I am such a kid too!…nooooo….yesssss…..noooooooo we would banter) she came out to explain the rules and the correct way to score points! Thank heaven for all the grand nanas that tell it how it is! We played for a while and Tommaso still won…and I didn’t even let him. He is damn good.

Bocce makes me miss my parents. And my grandparents. And the 4th of July…It is the 4th today. This is the first 4th of July in probably my entire life that I did not see fire works, eat BBQ, and see red, white and blue at all. Sort of strange but nothing too bad. There is always next year. Happy anniversary to my sister Zena and her husband!!! They married on a Tuesday. I remember since I think I was the one asking, “who gets married on a Tuesday??” This was a beautiful wedding and everyone attended on the gorgeous Tuesday in Lake Tahoe. I have never told her this but I am truly jealous, maybe just saddened that when I get married that my grandparents won’t be there. They were both there for hers. She got to dance with my nanu at her own wedding. I won’t have that dance. Also, my mom’s best friend…she was there too..and they danced together. There are things that I cannot have and I shouldn’t dwell on them. It is better to want things that are possible than things that are impossible. If there is a chance that something can happen that you want…go for it…I am learning to take more chances and let my heart hurt. It can only hurt for so long…right? It goes away eventually…or the heart just changes? When my heart is happy I feel it everywhere. My eyes smile. My cheeks hurt from laughing. My heart pumps blood at an incredible rate. I am smiling for no particular reason. I want a lot of things in life at this point…but a happy heart is a good start.

There is a new park that just opened up Sunday and we have been waiting to go. So this afternoon we piled in the car after the fighting about finishing the fruit or “you cannot go!” the electric wooden door to enter with the car froze! It was stuck and nana was cussing up a storm and dialing frantic on her small cellular. I tried to push it but I didn’t want to be the one to break it so I stood back and let her cuss it out. Finally, she made it work. Her poor little dog couldn’t come with us so he just watched us with sad eyes and probably was laughing at us in his old tiny mind. I seriously love this little dog! He is super old but he is the sweetest thing. I have only heard him growl once and when we leave him for a long time at home alone he is so excited and happy when we return that he will whimper with joy! He hardly barks…I have heard once at dog in another yard.  He cannot see or hear well AT ALL but he is the best little scruffy poodle that I have met here in Italy. I don’t know how to spell his name but it sounds like (You-dee!) or “you-you” for short.

After the park we came home to eat dinner. Tommaso took a large, sticky, sap-filled pine cone home with us and picked at it in search of pine nuts (pinoli) (what an effin’ MESS of his hands!) Once we fought with the damn door we finally were in the yard. He found a decent rock and smashed each nut until he got the secret treat inside! He tells me that they are his favorite but does not offer me one. I now know why pine nuts are SO expensive…that shit is WORK! No wonder! After I washed their dirty feet and hands we sat down at the table. I got the TV to work and some reason we landed on the movie New Moon. Explaining a love story between a vampire and a regular girl AND another boy that turns into a wolf was a job on its own! Every minute of the hour left in the film Tommaso would ask, “ora??” (now??) if the kid was going to transform into the giant wolf…he wasn’t even in half the scenes but he just wanted to see him change and growl! I think the film is sort of scary for them but they didn’t care..we will see what their dreams (or nightmares..oh no!?) tell them tonight. Everytime that there was a kiss or ABOUT to be a kiss in a scene Tommaso would shriek and cover his eyes or ears…he is that age where kissing is disgusting (schifo!) and it is SOOO funny to watch him flip out. Later when I helped them brush their teeth and change into pajamas Matteo gave me a nice hug and kissed my cheek! He is such a little sweetheart! I went to kiss Tommaso (just to make him shriek in disgust!) but I could never get my lips that close to him without him pushing me away. Next I will start blowing him kisses just to bother him!  

I just got the “curfew” type lecture from nana! I am typing this in the corner of the kitchen (where the internet works best..of all places..on a window) and she told me that after 1am that I must keep it down since everyone is sleeping! The only reason that I was up and moving last night was because I received an exciting text message and I had to make a call right then. Mickey told me that he quit his job at the restaurant! I called him right away and we talked for maybe ten minutes (long enough to bother the sleeping…sorry nana) I am so happy for him that job has been a bit of a drag for him and now maybe we can actually spend more time together!? I am sure that he will find another job right away but it would be the best if he had weekends off like me! Of course I get the message and the best news ever when I am NOT in Rome and WILL NOT be in Rome until the weekend. It is only Monday. He will keep me in the loop and we may have plans for the weekend depending on his job search. I have been thinking that I only wanted to go home IF there was something to do…perhaps this could be an entire weekend together..for once! He first wrote me the night before wanted to know how the trip was and if I was home in Rome. Whenever my phone beeps that I have a text my heart skips just thinking it is him…can a heart hurt and be happy at the same time..for the same reason? It doesn’t make sense…all I know is that I could not stop smiling like a fool last night before bed.


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