Ring Finger Trap & Platinum Preferences

Posted on July 11, 2011


Dear Watermelon Seeds,

The word for these in Italian is “semi.” (AND not “semi” perverts! Or Semi-truck for you non-perverts) BUT it sounds like “see-me”) I asked for this word before I gave Tommaso a slice because I know him and I tried my best to tell him NOT to spit the seeds on the kitchen floor. H did anyways and I tried (again) my best to make him clean it up. “Che schiffo!” (disgusting!) he tells me. I KNOW! “You did it!” I excaim in English and curse myself for forgetting my dictionary to help me translate better… We argued for a long time and he acted like he didn’t know what he did wrong but I know that he did. Nana finally came to the rescue to attempt to make him clean them up but she wasn’t very successful either. I try…we try…

Last week Tommaso and I did a little bonding over boogers in the car. I was not encouraging him to pick his nose (He DOES NOT need any push from me… his finger is always digging for gold!) but when he flicked it at the window that was closed and it stuck to the window it was not only gross but I had to explain to him to take it down and open the window then FLICK it outside! Better to flick them outside than inside but I just may have shown him how to flick them so let me just hope that he only does this new technique outside…One can hope.

I am wondering if nana thinks that vegetables are evil. I say this because she sure “cooks the Hell out” of all the beautiful fresh vegetables. They will cook half the day away until all nutrients have mostly vanished then we eat it over pasta or as a side dish. I really like vegetables and I find it actually entertaining…I believe that ALL nanas cook like this! They cook all day long..after lunch she puts the apron back on to begin preparing dinner…All of her food is good though, I am not saying that I don’t like it (those of you who know me personally know how much of a “food snob” I am) I eat everything that she cooks and I probably eat the most since she treats me like a growing child: Not as a woman of 26.

After lunch it was decided that I would try for the first time to put Matteo down for a nap. He thrashed around each (there are 3 in this room all lined up together that create somewhat of a King sized bed) for a good twenty minutes. Once I believed that he was asleep I snuck out very stealth like…I took my coffee that was waiting for me then went back to my room for some lip balm. I heard movement so I tip-toed to their room. The door was slightly open…damnit..he was not asleep after all. I went back inside (after fighting the door that was temporarily jammed by his foot!) and tried once more to get him to relax. I even told a “white” lie that I had to pee and that is where I was so “let’s try to rest!” No go. I was so proud of myself for thinking that I successfully put a 5-year-old down for a nap at 3pm. Super failure. Maybe I will try again tomorrow. Perhaps I can wear him out by doing more of our excercise. “ginnastica” in Italian. I learned this word from Matteo and then heard it over and over again from nana but with two more words in front of it “non piu ginnastica!” (NO more GYM!) I love the fact that Matteo will do an entire routine with me and add his own moves in! It makes it more fun and since he changes it up I think that the workout is even better when he joins me…nana thinks otherwise. I really don’t like to make her mad but sometimes when we don’t understand each other I feel like a kid in trouble. When we went back to the beach today (a NEW one! Well the first one that we went to with the family last week) we struggled getting there but I knew the way and she had an idea so we drove and drove. It was only about twenty minutes away but she argued that it was “troppo lontano!” (much too far!) but at least we got to get into the water. It was a beautiful day and we had a grand time climbing rocks and searching for fish and creepy crawly crabs. Tommaso is brave and grabs them with his bare hands. I try to mask my fear so I don’t scream…just in case he wants to throw it at me or chase me with creeps in his hands. After we were gone for a while I convinced them to leave with me in an English and Italian conversation implying that we don’t want nana to get “arrabiato con noi” (angry with us!) They understood but it still took a while to get back across the rocks with me half lifting Matteo across the larger ones to save him from falling. All in all today was a great afternoon…I am happy to say that I am glad to be back here. The weather here is 67% more comfortable and is NOT humid like in Rome. I went home for the weekend and it was seriously “scorching” hot! I sat in my bathing suit, Skpyed and fanned myself with my little fan from Florence during the high heat hours of the day. It was so warm that I actually only left the house maybe twice. To rent a movie and get food for myself. The fridge was empty except for some grated parmesan and 4 eggs. I spent a little much at the store and didn’t finish the fruit, wine, or cheese that I bought but I am sure that when T and S went home they finished it. I watched the film 127 Hours alone during daylight and I was so freaked out! It is a true story so it just made it more intense!! Watch it! It was fantastic and one of my future husbands plays the main character: James Franco. He deserves an award for this spectacular performance.

I did make my two outings worth while since I tried to get my camera fixed with no luck…”non funziona” they each told me. There is a lens error and I think that I need to hold a funeral for the camera..it is dead and gone. I did stop for a gelato after the supermercato since I was craving some pistachio and there was fico gelato (fig ice-cream can change your life!) It was not the best one ever made in this world (the one with candied nuts and figs) but it was still super fresh and tasty. A perfect treat in the scolding hot center of Rome at 5pm. It was a relaxing and quite weekend without screaming kids that is for sure. Strange enough though I missed them a LOT and was so happy to see their smiling faces at the train station!

Tommaso has a new mini magnet game of checkers so we are into that. He only learned yesterday and he is really quick! He got pretty upset that I didn’t know how to play chess with the other tiny pieces and was even more let down when he showed me the instructions in English and I still had no clue. Even if I tried to understand in English how was I going to “teach” him when he doesn’t even understand me when I ask him not to “spit seeds on the floor?” I really like checkers and he cannot cheat so we play well together and it is sort of a long game when it comes down to the “Kings” on the board. Later he threw them all over the floor (he already  lost one tiny piece yesterday before I even was back here) I made sure that NO ONE except him were to pick them up. I am very adamant about making the kids pick up after themselves. If they throw all their toys around I don’t let them throw the next group of toys around until every last piece is picked up and put back where it belongs. When and IF I get Tommaso to want to learn more English with me I know that we can have a much better understanding of each other. I don’t want to feel or have him feel like I am communicating in “don’ts”, “no” and “stop!” And lets not forget “NO yelling!” Although Matteo starts plenty with his brother it is Tommaso who instigates most messes (to throw things ALL OVER) and begins the wrestling type playing that leaves Matteo crying in the end.

Before dinner nana told me that she was going to take the bicycle down to the bar to buy some milk. I was jealous but she told me that when she came back that I could go for a short ride too. I was beyond excited to ride a little around this tiny town! I changed into my Pumas and grabbed a twenty for my back pocket. I knew that I needed to break it to give nana the 10 from my suit last week and I need another TIM card for my phone..I am low on minutes. I rode hard and fast around the neighborhood then finally stopped at the bar. Afterwards I still wanted to venture further so I pressed on out of the gated community towards the sea. Before nana went to get the milk we were having (my attempts at Italian) conversation about what to have for dinner and for lunch tomorrow with what groceries we had. I decided to ride all the way to wear I knew of a fruit and vegetable stand to buy a few things. I bought a small melon, some fresh lettuce and a handful of carrots. When I returned all sweaty and proud that I contributed with the food nana just shrugged, didn’t thank me and when I offered her the 10 that I owed she told me that since I spent 3 euro that I only owed her 7 instead. Va bene. But now I have a 10 and 4 euros and a 50. I never have the right amount of euros I swear to the Roman Gods! I will get the money to her sometime before the week is up but otherwise there is always next week. We have two more weeks of this “vacation” and then it is back to Rome for a while before the mountains. The good news is that I still have the option to come home to Rome while we are gone on these trips. I thought that next weekend the wedding that T and S are going to was on Saturday when in fact it is on Friday…I might have a chance at a quite day and a half if it all works out. Then in the mountains I can take the train home again to be alone on the weekend if I want and it is okay with the family plans. I was counting down my free time and it is coming close to an end. I don’t have many weekends left here…which is incredible but also makes me sad. Yes I am excited to go home to Reno but at the same time I am nervous to leave everything that I found here…especially someone. The feelings I have for him are intense. I know that now for sure and there is no turning back. The reaction that I have to him is like when I squished my finger today trying to move the “damn folding metal laundry hanger thing” Like him I never know when he will “close” on me and hurt me OR let me hang all over him. The laundry hanging thing is this huge heavy piece of metal and when I tried to move it alone it closed up so fast that I felt like I was closed in on me like a bear trap! It had a serious grip on me and I could not free myself with only my one free hand! I cried in agony over my bruised ring finger as nana tried to free me once she realized that lifting it was NOT the solution (it just hurt even more!) When she finally opened it there was a heartbeat in my finger and it instantly swelled. It still hurts and making a fist is possible BUT it still aches. Better my left hand than my right I suppose but still not awesome. Ouch.

When I was with Mickey over the weekend he asked me why I wore the pearl necklace so much and I told him because I like it. Then he told me that he wanted to get me a necklace that I could “wear all of my time.” I told him that if he got me something that I would wear it “all of my time” and after a long look at me (ohh with those dark green eyes that make me forget what day (or year!) it is) he asks if I prefer gold or silver. I told him that I don’t really wear gold much but I don’t care as long as it is from him. He announces that he likes gold and I tell him that I know this. He has a gold chain that he has had since he was 18 years old and never takes it off. He again stares into me and says, “hmmm I think that what you like is…platinum.” I laugh a deep laugh and agree. BUT the more I have been thinking about it I think that I would prefer an Italian gold necklace since once can get platinum pretty much anywhere…

We had some wonderful discussion about our families but mostly talked about our mothers. He did tell me that his mother does ask about me and “jokes” with him by asking, “where is that Jessica??” which we still find pretty damn funny! We talked about Romania and in my head I just want to see where he is from more than spend a weekend in Sicily (I would rather go there when my sisters comes so we can see it together) or some island somewhere here in Italy but we will see what happens. Just to plan a weekend with him will be some work. He was very sweet though and I think that the conversation about the necklace was because it was like his “I’m sorry” for making promises that he did not keep before…. (Venice and the Vatican…which I did on my own thank you very much) I made him promise not to break any promises to me and he said that he would not. And I believe him. I really do…I have not made him “promise” me that he will come to the states since that is more than a promise that he can control. He has to get his passport in order first and then you better believe that I will make him promise me to get his ass at least to New York to meet me…This will happen!

awww Ciao Jessica! (ha nice to see you again)

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