Gelato for Breakfast…again…

Posted on July 18, 2011


Dear Vice Gelateria,

This is my second day in a row that I had gelato for “breakfast!” I believe that I am addicted at this point. It is all that I think about. Possibly more than that Romanian boy… Today I had three kinds and I cannot even pick a favorite since they were each so full of flavor…Limone zenzero e cannella (lemon, ginger and cinnamon!) Pesca e Prosecco (peach and bubbly!) and lastly some wild mix that had too many Italian words for me to remember…Marscapone, chocolate, orange rind, hazelnut and almonds…This is the best place to get Gelato I am sad to be leaving this afternoon back to Tuscany since I won’t be able to return tomorrow. The girl that works there has begun to recognize me…I don’t see this as a problem though!

I went out for a ginseng coffee and a Nutella cornetto at 10:30 this morning and when I went over to Vice it was not quite open yet so the girl told me to come back. I didn’t really plan on it but then I remembered that I needed to stop at the eye doctor to pick up some more contact lenses so at least I had a reason to return while I was out of the house. I picked my contacts up…23 euro later (expensive here!) and found me way back up the street to Vice. I am still thinking about those wonderful creations mixed together in that perfect white cup…

We take the train back to Tuscany at 2:30pm. I have packed my stuff and I am ready to return to the beach. I think this week it will be T and I and the kids. I think that nana will stay in Rome this week. They try to tell me what we are doing but sometimes I really feel like I have no idea what is going on until the moment that something has begun!

Next weekend I know that I am coming back to Rome since Saturday is Jack Johnson! My friend Jennifer is back in Italy and she is supposed to be my date for the concert but I have not heard back from her. I might as well go solo if it comes down to it…this is JACK JOHNSON we are talking about! The tickets are only about 44 euro which isn’t that bad and supposedly where the concert is held is really nice. It would be more fun as a group but who knows what will actually happen by next weekend…


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