The Last Bite & Computer Addictions…

Posted on July 26, 2011


Dear Free Music,

I am officially addicted to downloading FREE music! My friend Jules has shown me a secret YouTube converter program that is as simple to use as “cut & paste!” I have gotten about three new hours of music…awww the soundtrack to my life has raised my spirits and has placed me in such a great mood. Any song or movie line can instantly be copied and dropped immediately into your iTunes Library…it has been the best thing since Gelato last week. If anyone is interested here is the link…​oducts/dvd/Free-YouTube-to-MP3​-Converter.htm Download the MP3 converter program and then make sure that you change your options to add the downloads directly into your iTunes. Simple and FREE…You are welcome.

After many puzzles and a trip to the park it was time for lunch. Nana made some fantastic sauce with some sweet red onions, fresh tomatoes from Tarquinia, basil and a small serving of tuna. While it reduced and filled the house with perfectly warm aromas my stomach began to rumble. We played pretty hard at the park and I was hungry! Nana brought me a banana so I was thankful that she is always looking out for me. Tommaso has this funky green little timer that is used to attempt to control his DS and computer addictions…we set it for a maximum of twenty minutes and then once it rings there is still a battle to get him to turn it off but it is a work in progress. Today we also used the timer to calculate how long each puzzle took us (I really like puzzles so I didn’t mind after 3 they were still interested in one more!) Not that the timer works that great but the fact that Matteo announces how long we have in perfect English makes it all the better! “Ready…? Thirty minutes!” Then he tells his nana what he said in Italian, even though she knows her numbers, and she praises him. Each time that the timer is changed he announces a new number. “Eighty” or “ninety” I tried to explain was much too long for a puzzle. I am unsure if these kids have any idea of actual time frames but I might share with them that one hour is 60 minutes if they don’t know this already. Tommaso really likes math so I bet he knows this valuable information but Matteo’s sense of time is young and innocent…oh the days when Christmas took forever to arrive and your birthday didn’t feel like last week.

After the fabulous lunch I got them to do some English lessons with me. It is always that one or the other refuses. First Tommaso told me that English was, “schiffo” and would not come and listen to the CD with the English work book. I wanted to pull out my hair the first time I heard it too but I could not agree with him! After a while I told them, “Fine! Then I am not playing with either one of you until we do English.” I loudly put everything away while nana told them to listen to me. By the time Matteo returned to the table ready to work on his English ABC’s Tommaso wandered over and decided that he did want to do the “schiffo English” work…he asked me to put the disc in and I told him that we just did but okay…I finally got him to calm down and listen to the disc along with the correct page number and we began to actually enjoy it! I was having fun helping him and he cut out images and I helped glue them in the correct areas. Matteo could tell that we were having a little too much fun and he felt left out so he began throwing things and acting very jealous. He left us at the table and began tormenting his sleeping nana by throwing magazines, pushing the ottoman over and growling at her when she would tell him to stop it! I have not seen him so mad about me giving his brother attention. It is important to me to be more supportive to Tommaso since he needs more help with his English but Matteo clearly is not going to be easy to deal with. Maybe I can separate them and work with them individually. Matteo remembers every word in English so Tommaso barely has a chance to guess before Matteo blurts it out! We will see how tomorrow goes…At least Tommaso and I had a nice lesson and it wasn’t disgusting/sucked! (schiffo!)

When it was time for our afternoon snack “merenda” the kids were served fresh peaches that nana prepared and I made some more tuna, white beans and tomato with crackers for myself. When they saw what I was eating they each wanted what I was having! I am getting the idea of what it feels like to always share your food and offer bites with my boys. I offered them each some in a bowl and let them eat the last of the crackers since there were not much. No wonder this mom is so skinny she barely gets to eat! Lately, when we have gelato or any desserts they like to “assaggiare”  or “prova” (to taste/try) mine so we share flavors and spoons. I remember at first I was not comfortable with this but now it feels so normal with them…I can accept their slobber and still smile afterwards.


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