Separation Anxiety

Posted on August 3, 2011


Dear Liver,

Please don’t say LIVER! It was liver…right as I took my first bite of the mystery meat. The texture is just all wrong… I don’t think that I will ever like liver…not even in Italy. But I will try everything at least once (usually twice: to make sure that I like it!)  I know that it is special but I am just not into it! I felt bad since Matteo asked me if I liked whatever it was they were cooking and I said, “Yeah..probably..I think so…” I don’t like to go back on my word, especially about food and when they see me not eat something it is difficult to make them finish their plate when I put my serving back into the pan! They finished theirs and I ate a lot of salad and then some cheese and prosciutto instead. Then later when S came home he brought a big bag full of suppli…which I had two. I only needed one but they are just so damn good I reached for a second one! Fried rice balls with melted cheese? It is like a “fat-kid” salty, crunchy treat! And now my stomach hurts and I feel exhausted…

Perhaps I feel tired today since we got up and went to the beach today! Soon as I woke up I didn’t really feel like going but am glad that I did…It turned into an all-day event but better than staying inside trying to think up games to play and keep the kids away from the TV or computer! I got a little color and a lot of sand in my hair. The kids love to fling sand at each other and if anyone is within 5 feet of them: Beware! This old man was NOT happy about them playing so close to him that is for sure. I had my iPod to distract me but the “free” earphones that I have been using are pretty weak. I took them from a bus tour in Milan since my old ones died…I finally bought new ones for 3 euro today and now? It is LOUD and I can drown out anything..even a wailing ambulance!

The beach we went to is in Fregene, which is really close but any ride is long when the kids are going crazy in the car. I don’t think that I have ever seen T so annoyed with them…it was a long ride home…that is all I will say. At least I got to sit up front but I do agree that they behave better when they are not both in the back of the car together. Matteo and I fight over “shot-gun” all the time but he usually wins. When we got back to Rome T dropped Tommaso off at her mother’s to “get her out of her hair” literally! Matteo was NOT happy to be separated from his big brother. After we took the car back to the garage she handed me everything (two beach bags and Matteo) and told me that she would meet me at home since she had to make a stop before home. Matteo and I made it and were hot, tired and full of sand. My key failed and so we sat on the steps for about ten minutes waiting for T to arrive. “Why!?” Matteo kept asking me…I didn’t know…They never lock the top lock unless we are out-of-town but that was all I could think was happening. “What are you doing DOOR!?” Matteo shouted and pounded at the door! I love that he uses English so well and in funny situations as this. Together we sat on the steps and he told me about his dreams. “Sogni” in Italian…He told me that he had a dream and I was in it! He was 10 years old and I was 13…he told me that I looked the same as I do now and I laughed since I have been the same height since that age. In his dream we were sword fighting but he won and then he had to challenge a bad witch! I think that he just made that dream up right then, he is very imaginative, but either way it passed the time. The kids have been using the word “noioso” and it means…BORING! He declared that this door locked situation: it was noioso! Indeed.

T finally came and confirmed my thoughts: She locked the top lock for some reason and forgot to tell us. I helped Matteo to take a shower and put clean clothes on. Then we had a snack of fresh bread with ricotta and blueberry jelly. This is one of his favorites, anything with jelly actually, is his favorite. He has eaten spoonfuls of strawberry jam out of the jar! Finally it was my turn to shower and I couldn’t wait to get the sand out of my head. I didn’t even go swimming but with all the sand flinging and fighting today I needed to cleanse myself of the day. I had a small list of things that I wanted to get at the store before we leave town and of course wanted to get the new earphones…”cuffia!”

I found everything on my list and stopped into Vice gelateria since I was right there….it is the best thing in Rome I swear! I had an amazing mixture: one flavor with figs and cream and cheese and then another with honey and some sort of nuts…I don’t remember how to write the flavors in full Italian since usually they are so long and specific! I chowed it down and reminded myself that I already had an ice-cream cone at the beach but it “didn’t count” since it was not that good and I gave most of it to Matteo. Nothing compares to this place I don’t want anything else except from this wonderful heaven of gelato flavors that change daily. Gelato makes me so happy!

When I got back home I could hear nana and T talking (yelling to each other!) about packing for the mountains. T called me in after a few minutes and I was happy to take a free dress from her! She didn’t want it anymore and knew that I liked the color…orange/red tones with a little brown. It is more like a bathing suit cover-up sort of dress but I know that I will wear it all the time. I tried it on over my tank and shorts and knew that it was going to be too long. Nana had the sewing box right there on the bed with her so she asked if I wanted to cut it off and sew it. I said I wasn’t that great of a seamstress but lets take the scissors to it…screw it! She took the dress from me, folded it perfectly, nodded to me and then pulled out the big metal fabric scissors. She cut a perfect hem and I put it back on…no need to finish it: she cut it PERFECTLY straight! Thanks nana and thanks T for the dress! I have been looking for a dress and have not had luck…free is the best! It matches a pair of my sandals too so at least I don’t have to worry about shoes…

I need to find a pair of sandals that are comfortable and meant for walking. All my sandals are not meant for walking they are meant for looks. I plan on leaving lots of shoes behind…they are not making to Reno cut! Shoe shopping is my next “to do!”  There are lots of sales but I have not been able to get away…hopefully tomorrow I can make a trip to the “Made in Italy” store where there are ONLY shoes and they are already marked down. The shoes change weekly so it is always a surprise what you will find!


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