Black-capped Mountains & a White Honda Motorbike

Posted on August 4, 2011


Dear Pepe,

That’s Italian for “pepper.” Pepe nero…black pepper please. Every time I see the written word I always think of Pepe Le Pew…always chasing after Penelope..trying to kiss on her and love her up and says things like, “I am ze locksmith of love, no?!”  The boys are on a little bit of a pepper kick thanks to yours truly. I always have liked spicy and I like black fresh ground pepper the best but ground pepper in general is always good. The other day we has fresh pasta with oil and ricotta and the boys both wanted a dash of pepper so I put a tiny bit and they seemed to like it. Tonight was another story…Tommaso wanted some pepper on his mashed potatoes so he took it before I even knew what was happening and dumped about 4 tableSPOONS on top! It looked like black snow-capped mountains! T took care of it and took his black mountains off his plate and served them to herself. I gave him new potatoes and showed him the lid on the top and that you DON”T need to unscrew the top off. He nodded in approval but still refused to eat his food. Turkey patty? Nope. Peppered mashed potatoes? Nope. He demanded pasta so we put some water on for them both. Matteo wasn’t enjoying his dinner either so pasta will always win. It was nearly ten at night by the time that they actually sat and ate their dinner. What a day…

Earlier in the afternoonMatteo and I did some exercise together in my room and then his room since he claimed that it was “bigger” but I don’t think that it is true. We worked up a sweat and he mixed in some of his own moves and we had a good time. He really likes to do the “yoga chair” and the pilates “superman.” He likes lunges and “jumping jacks” too..he sort of hops around and swings his arms which is pretty much my entertainment. T heard us counting and came to see what we were up to. She laughed and told Matteo that he only needed to perform about half of what I was doing but he insists that he is “really strong!” Sometimes during the day he will grab my bicep and tell me, “you are strong!” it is so cute and funny. I always tell him, “why thank you!” and he waits for me to return a compliment.

Today I bought myself two pairs of shoes…I didn’t really need the second pair but the family that works at this particular shoe shop are really sweet and they were paying me a lot of attention! When I first walked in I noticed a shiny white beautiful Honda motorbike but didn’t see an owner nearby. I learned that it is their sons…I found someone who is REALLY cute and his parents run a shoe shop? It might be love at second site. I tried on a few pairs of sandals with a comfortable bottom and couldn’t decide between jean blue or black. The mother tried to get me to buy both..they were on sale for only 29 euro…but I explained to her that I don’t like two of the same shoe. All these conversations are in Italian. I didn’t even TRY to speak English or ask if they spoke English and I seemed to be doing well. I saw some black and white patent wingtips and also asked to try them on. The father brought me the black and white and also the light purple and white and convinced me to try them on. He said for the beautiful price I must try them both…I did and he was right! I really liked the purple but they are what my mother calls, “one-hit-wonder” type shoes…I wear them once and NO ONE forgets so I hardly wear them a second time! I still wanted to check one more shoe shop on the same street so I told the family that I would “be right back!” (Torno subito!) I went to the other store but there was niente…NOTHING! I came back and the son was waiting outside near the door..for me?

I tried the jean blue sandals again and decided to wear them right then. The son was ringing me up and the mother was still talking me into getting the pumps…I really didn’t want to try them on a second time because I know me: I wouldn’t be able to resist if I put them on my feet once more. I put them! I told her that I needed a bag to match and she found a patent leather white bag and told me that for me it would only be 15 euro (half off) but I was out of money! I only brought 50 with me for this reaon…I will buy EVERYTHING if I carry too much money! The son started to ask me more questions about where I was from and where I lived in Rome. I realized that he had some distracting eyes and suddenly I forgot how answer simple questions in Italian! I talked to his mother just fine but when he would chime in I would get nervous! They told me that for only taking one Italian course back in January that I understood REALLY well and that speaking is not easy for any Americans so don’t worry! The son complimented me since I try to do well and then he asked if I was going to be in Rome for the month of August and I told him that I leave to Sardegna the 20th. He told me he was going there too! On his motorcycle, and pointed outside! It was his…I told him that is was a beautiful bike! They told me to come back tomorrow to get the purse and I told them that I might. As I walked away I realized that he might have been fiercely flirting with me and I should have at least asked his name! I forgot that I am leaving tomorrow to Ovindoli so I cannot really return for the purse OR to check out the son once more. Maybe when I come back next weekend I will make a trip over there…I bet his name is Luca or Andrea…aren’t they all!? Finally someone has caught my eye…and the shoes…mamma mia!

I was so excited for my new shoes that I showed them off to the kids, nana and T soon as I got home. “Carino!” they told me, which means, “cute!” or “pretty.” Nana liked my sandals so much she asked if she could try them on so I told her, “yes! Of course you can!” They were really small on her and we laughed and I told her to go there to get some since they are on sale. I think she said that they looked a “little young” for her but I am unsure. I lined up my shoes and was about to take a photo when I pulled my camera out…and it FROZE again! I am so frustrated by this! I leave tomorrow and have no time to even consider a camera here in Europe. If I have to buy one not only will it be expensive but then when I return to the states I will have to buy a European adapter JUST to charge it? Stupid. WHY!!?!? Ughgh so mad. The best idea that my mother and I came up with is to catch my friend Britt since she leaves to come here to Rome this Saturday…if she can get to her before she leaves there is a chance that my mom can send a normal American camera my way through Britt! God I hope so…I NEED a camera for Sardegna there is no possible way that I would NOT be able to take photos of the beauty! So I am off to the mountains tomorrow for the week but I will return to Rome Friday to meet with Britt…lets hope that she brings me a digital gift! I will try to write during the week but the tiny Italian laptop is sometimes a bit of a task!


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