Queen Beds and Queen Bees

Posted on August 7, 2011


Dear Cappotto,

This is the word that I learned last weekend but couldn’t remember how to spell it or exactly what it meant! Cappotto means “overcoat” and when used during any game or match it is pretty much telling someone to “put on their jacket and go HOME!” When playing any game and one team has zero and the winning team reaches 6 it is “cappotto” and the games starts over since the losing team lost SO bad! Skunked is what we say when playing foosball in Reno. We played a little foosball the other day and I lost this bad. Matteo made some shots for us but mostly he blocked me so we lost pretty bad! It is still fun and I only won when I was on Tommaso’s team but that is just how it goes.

The pool here at the house in the mountains is pure entertainment for me. Bonus I get a tan. It is just a different world over here. Maybe every pool in Italy is like this but everyone wears a pool cap in the water and the boys…they have full on wet suits! It is so funny to me I don’t know why. I have not fully got in the water (it is pretty cold!) but the first attempt when T tried to put one of the boys pool caps on MY head of hair was the funniest thing of the day! I had my hair thrown on top of my head so the cap literally only covered the hair in my messy bun on top of my head…I tried to tell her that it was NOT possible but she tried anyways. I wonder if the lifeguards would yell at me senza pool cap?  The sun is nice here and the temperature is much cooler. It is comfortable and after 5 you need long sleeves…that is how fast the temperature drops! It reminds me of Tahoe mountains..soon as that sun goes down you need a jacket no matter what month of the year. Oh how I miss gorgeous Lake Tahoe…

The boys began their horse-riding lessons and they look too cute with their riding gear! I will soon have a NEW camera so I will take pictures soon as the camera is in my hands! My girl Britt is bringing it to me in Rome since she is visiting with family for a short few days before they are off to Venice (lucky girl! I wish that I went with a boyfriend) Tomorrow I will take the train first thing in the morning and then turn around in the evening and come right back here to the mountains. A long train ride BUT worth it for my camera and to see my Britty-Kitty!

I am using the teeny-tiny Italian laptop and it is late…I have to get my rest before my day trip to Rome . Plus I lost my big bed to Tommaso since he has what is known as “restless leg syndrome.” Sucks but nothing I can do. The kids come first and we need them to sleep through the night. The smaller bed IS much softer but the only reason I truly didn’t mind sharing a room with the boys was because I got to enjoy a huge bed while here in the mountains. I am so spoiled I miss my bed at home. “Regina” size…QUEEN. Speaking of queens: today we went to a “World of Bees” tour at a farm and learned all about bees, making honey and what to do if you get stung! It was all in Italian so T was my interpreter but I didn’t understand half of it yet I still enjoyed it very much. The only part I hated was when the bee guy let a bee sting him…I am not into that! Plus there are SO many bugs, spiders and flying insects here and at the farms I had THREE spiders crawling on me. I fear nothing worse than ANY sized spider (that bites or not!) on me…ughgh just writing about it makes me squirm…eww!  It was an interesting day and I think that fresh honey might be the sweetest thing in the world. They showed us how they extract the honey and the different machines to do so. They let the kids jab at the honeycomb and all I was thinking was, “ew..really? all that kid slobber..awesome.” Do they sell the honey after everyone puts their grubby hands in it. Then licks it. Then double dips AGAIN!!? I am such a clean freak I didn’t agree about this.

On the car ride home the kids insisted on their favorite CD of Gormiti. T wanted to listen to her new Amy Winehouse disc but the kids were not having it! They told her it was “bruto” and “schiffo” pretty much that the  music was ugly and it sucked! They got their way on the ride back and then it turned into a Gormiti battle in the backseat! There are characters from each group: Wind, Fire, Water, Forest, Light, Dark and Rocks. I think there are more but I don’t know much about this strange force. Oh it gets worse…They insisted that my character was “Jessica” and that I was of the Wind and had wings. No not Jessica…! Fine…I was Jessica and reminded AGAIN about him. I just cannot escape him…even outside of Rome. Come on. Another Jessica…with wings and super powers. Maybe I want to be her instead.

Ciao Jessica

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