Layers of Underwear & I Love…

Posted on August 9, 2011


Dear 7 Kilometers,
This is how much that we walked today through the woods! There is a path that we follow but that is a pretty good distance for the kids . 4.35 miles we accomplished today…not bad at all. I love to be outside and anything active makes me happy. It is so gorgeous out here in the mountains and of course I forgot my camera! I got so used to NOT having one I forgot to bring it out. My sister and mom sent me a camera that they charged to my Best Buy card and I am so thankful!!!

I slept horribly last night after retiring around midnight. Poor Matteo has a stuffy nose and nightmares (No more Narnia before bed!) and Tommaso still is having trouble sleeping through the night. Which means I am in his tiny bed. I am woken up by each of their tossing, turning, talking in sleep, breathing and sniffling and kicking of course. I didn’t realize that it effected me so much but obviously it did…I did a poor job of dressing the kids today since I did not even notice that when Matteo got dressed he put on two pairs of underwear!! T noticed when he had to use the woods as a toilet and we had a good laugh! Whoops. When we finally arrived back to the house I felt exhausted. Matteo barely slept through the night how did he have so much energy!?? We agreed that it must have been what he ate with breakfast: a raw egg whipped with sugar. The eggs are super fresh from the farm and I think are more nutrient-rich than anything! He was ready to go further on our walk, he was wild all day, and was non-stop entertainment. I think tomorrow I might have a raw egg with sugar if it is truly the secret!

We played some more foosball and Tommaso and I kicked ass! Seriously for a 7-year-old kid he is REALLY good! He made more than one goal 2-point shots and on purpose! There are no accidental shots…he truly is that good! In a few years people better watch it. That is all I am saying.

We went to the town center for some shopping and food before dinner. I remembered that there is a cute little skate shop near the piazza so we checked it out. There was some good sales and I picked up a funny tee-shirt that reads, “I ❤ Ovindoli.” I have never bought a shirt like this and I thought it was important to take something home from these wonderful mountains since I do indeed LOVE it here away from the city. It is white with a bright red heart…it makes me laugh.

That is all for now…


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