Gucci Blue & a Resort Called Home…

Posted on August 23, 2011


Dearest Sardinia,

This gorgeous place must be named the 8th wonder of the world! The beauty is beyond anything that I have imagined…my mother says it is the “playground for the rich” and I think that she is correct. The water is clear at the beach and when we arrived via “nave” (ship…HUGE ship with three stories of garage parking for all the cars!) the sea was this incredible blue. I laugh now since the color is exactly the same deep cerulean blue as my Gucci shades. I can now say that the Adriatic Sea is “Gucci Blue!” We have settled in pretty well for it only being Tuesday. We took a three hour trip to a place four times the size of the largest Costco in the States…and got EVERYTHING we can possibly need and MORE! I have taken so much sun already that I am almost as dark as I was when I was about the boys ages. “Who is that little black girl” is in full effect. Even the boys were asking why I stay dark and they don’t. Tommaso’s reasoning is that I like to eat “melanzane” (eggplant) since it is such a deep hue that must be why I stay dark! These kids say the funniest things that I will never forget!

Before we boarded the ship I had two long nights of madness  in Rome at the new favorite bar (actually drinking establishment: not a coffee shop-bar!) called Levi’s. Levi’s like the jeans but in Italian it sounds like Levy’s! I got about 7 hours of sleep in two days before our departure…BUT I am American so I can do this. My age is having an effect on my drinking skills but other than that it has been a great time.

After we left the mountains of Ovindoli late Thursday night we arrived into Rome around 11pm. It was a friends going away party so I knew that I should make an appearance so I threw on some shoes and got dropped off near the club. Of course this is when you meet someone…when you feel at your “worst” and not cute! I cannot forget to share that on the two-hour drive home Tommaso and I had a wild “photo shoot” and laughed so hard that he almost peed his pants in the car!! We were making funny faces and listening to my iPod the entire time that Matteo was fast asleep right next to us! We were on the autostrade (freeway) so there was no possible way to stop so what T had to do was hold a plastic bag for him while he stood up in the center of the car and peed right over the console!! I wanted to die of laughter right then and there but I contained myself due to my own need for a toilet! I kept thinking of the movie Dumb & Dumber “just go man!” and “whiz in one of them empty bottles back there!” and of course “you’d shut your mouth if you knew it was good for you buddy!” Oh this is my life…

So I met someone new and of course cut out-of-town two days later. The good news is that he still is texting me the bad news is that I won’t get to see him again until the 10th of September! He is saying all the right things, he is very sweet, has that crazy hair I like, makes me laugh, is very smart and above all….super hot Sicilian good boy. Timing is never my thing what can I say? I wish that I would have met him earlier in this trip but I will take the time that we get now. I almost choked on my own laughter when I read a text from him that was telling me goodnight “sweet princess!” I have never been called a princess (well not to my face AND never by any male that doesn’t want a slap to the left cheek) but there was nothing I could do in reaction to a text but laugh. Yes, I turned into a “girl” over here in Italy BUT a princess? I think not. I know right this moment if my friend Christina is reading this she is laughing her ass off and cannot believe that I allowed a man to call me princess…hush up C-£…stop laughing and telling that super future husband of yours to make fun of me too!

Anyways…back to another funny incident before our ship ride: we had to make a stop in Tarquinia to pick up a cooler for the beach (which we have NOT used yet but no matter..we have plenty of days coming up) so we got to stop and say hello to S’s parents (my favorite grandparents since my own!) and Nanu was so excited to see me that he kissed my cheeks and told me (in Italian of course) that is was “too bad” that he didn’t have the “good stuff” (wine) so that we could enjoy a drink together! He kills me!! He found an old bottle anyways and uncorked it just to cheers to me! Between my fresh nectarine, some coffee then wine… it was a great bon voyage to this wonderful world of Sardinia. I get to go back with the boys the 5th so he told me to be ready to drink ALL day and NIGHT with him!! Cannot wait…!

The only thing that makes me a little nervous is that in a particular area of the water near the dried algae…there are tiny biting fish! They are not huge and I was hesitant to go back into the water yesterday but I got to actually see them so it was not so bad. I learned that they feed on your old dead dry skin (YUCK!) and that is why they kept biting my ankle! I had an old mosquito bite there and I yelped in surprise and scared a crowd of people who laughed AT me. In my mind the first bite I thought of the movie finding Nemo and when they go deep into the water..that scary fish with the thousands sharp teeth!? Yes, I envisioned one of those monsters grabbing at me and trying to chew my leg off! I have a wild imagination and it gets the best of me at times. OR I have seen one too many movies. It is a combination of things…

The house here is unreal. I don’t have my own room but at least Matteo is not sick anymore so he sleeps better through the night. For such a tiny person he does breath like a full-sized man! The other night we were all woken up by some techno jams blaring out some speakers across the way at the local club. It was past 4am and all that kept playing was that song…”one more time….we’re gonna celebrate….ONE MORE TIME!” Except it was played like TEN times…..”ten more times!” It is now our family anthem and we sing it together when it gets stuck in our heads! There is also a hotel that is right here and they have something called the “Baby Dance” where all the kids get in the center near the hotel pool and dance and try to copy the adult leading the dances to various songs. Some in Italian and some very American like YMCA. I would rather hear “One more time!” ten times then have YMCA stuck in my head…come on I am on vacation in thank you on that jam! Where the houses are here is literally like a giant compound. There are masses of houses in this development with brick paths that lead around to other houses, the beach and the hotel. The houses themselves seem more like a resort than homes. Everyone has outside nice furniture, dine outdoors on their patios, walk around in bathing suits, and there is always music playing somewhere! What a delightful place to be…I feel so very fortunate to be able to experience this with this amazing family. Everyones backyard is your backyard too!

I should go for now…it is the napping house…well only Matteo is napping but he will be up soon. It has been a battle trying to keep Tommaso not only quiet but inside the house…he stepped on something and has tiny splinters and his foot is a wreck! I never heard so much suffering from such a tiny kid. It reminded me when I was around his age and I stepped in glass once camping and it took two nurses and I want to say two doctors to hold me down while they did my stitches! I shared this story with them and they told me that Tommaso has been to the emergency room plenty of times and it took FIVE MEN to hold him down!! This kid has me beat…he sure is a tough kid. That is for sure. We just hope it is a splinter and NOT a fish bone or something totally foreign.

Back to the sea…..awww going to the beach twice a day is alright with me!


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