A Gelato Snob & the Countdown has Begun!

Posted on September 4, 2011


Dear Mirto Gelato,

What an intense flavor! This has been the longest that I didn’t have gelato this entire trip! At the hotel I had a few “bagged ice-creams” but it is not as pleasant as fresh gelato…I have turned into a gelato snob no doubt. Today was our last day in the town center of Sardinia. We walked and shopped and had a last spritz cocktail with some friends. We did a little shopping and came home to continue to pack the car…it is a puzzle with all of our bags! Tomorrow we leave before 7am to catch the ship back towards Rome. Hoping to catch the sunrise and take some pictures we have called it a night early and everyone is in bed except for me. Which means I need to get to sleep!

It has been a beautiful adventure but it has come to an end. The parents will drop us off to spend a few days in Tarquinia with the grandparents while S and T sadly have to return to work. No one is ready for “real life” to begin…the kids start school the 12th so it is my duty to get them to bed early the next few days in hopes that they get back into a routine of normal sleeping hours for school.

I on the other hand am ready for the kids to return to school which means that my sister and Sarah are coming to Rome to pick me up!!! Friday the 16th they will fly into Rome and there will be a driver waiting for them at the airport with a sign with their names and everything! After our 10 days of life in Rome and then Naples it will be time to pack up all of my things and we three girls will fly home into San Fran. At first I was a little nervous about how much stuff I am bringing home but the more I have been packing and unpacking for these last trips I think that I will be donating more clothes and things that I imagined. If I have gone this long living in a carry-on size suitcase I think that I will have no problem packing everything into one large snowboard bag and an oversized luggage!

I am very eager to get home to Reno to see all of my family and friends but at the same time I am sad to leave this wonderful country. The best news is that I get to come back most likely as soon as the end of October! Well I must get my rest..tomorrow is a long trip on the ship…5 hours of keeping the kids entertained.


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