What is the Nice Word for Selfish….?

Posted on September 13, 2011


Dear Phone Charger,

I have been so good at not forgetting anything this entire trip. I forgot my phone charger in Tuscany. My phone is on its last “bar” of life and today I got (probably my last message before my phone dies down) a message confirming that my long-lost charger was found in Tuscany by the great Mrs. Claus. I was so sad when I had to say goodbye to the grandparents last Friday. I was under my sunglasses but I truly got a little teary-eyed hugging them and knowing that it is unknown the next time that I will get to see them. We did some shopping together and she insisted on buying me everything that I wanted! I had just gotten paid so I was trying to convince her that I had enough money but she refused and would not let me pay for one thing. I really wanted to check out this cute little boutique near the house but it was closed so she called the owner so that she would come down and let me do some shopping! Talk about small town.. I think that she has everyone’s number within 5 miles! I found a bathing suit (Made in Italy!) a cute top and a dress and necklace that I had my eye on in July that finally were discounted. I believe that it was a small summer sale but I also believe that Mrs. Claus is a dear friend of the owner so I had another special price reduction. I tried to pay for at least half of what I estimated the total but it was as if my money was “no good here!” She told me (always and only in Italian) that she wanted to buy me the things because when I was back home in America, when I wore them, I would not only think of Rome but of her and the family! So sweet and I gave her a big hug and thanked her many times over my last few days there in Tuscany. Speaking of other people’s numbers in that little area called Marina Velca….There was a total babe named Valentino (of course it was!) that I ran into 4 times in 3 hours in the tiny town! I was excited the first time that I saw him since he remembered me from early July. He even remembered that I was going home in September and tried to get me to stay longer. I have no idea how old or young he is but Tommaso and Matteo were giving me a hard time telling me that he was “too old” for me. Then that I was in love with him. That I wanted to marry him. That I should have kissed him goodbye…it went on and on and each time that we ran into him it got worse! Mrs. Claus assured me that he was not only a “bello ragazzo y bravo ragazzo” but he was a real sweetheart that had mentioned me before to her brother! I guess that he told her brother that I was beautiful and that he really liked me! I had never gotten a chance to meet this Uncle of theirs but the fact that he spoke of me to him is nice. I asked some more about him and I learned that not only his Italian was non-existent when they first met years ago but also that he was not Italian. He is from Romania. God Damn Romanians!!! Either way I hope to come back through Rome sometime next year but it is not set in stone exactly when. Lots of things have changed in the last month and my opportunities have just changed…thats all. Strange enough I have gotten two other job offers in the same day! If I knew that leaving the country would have opened more doors for me I would have cut out of the States many, many, many years ago! I hopefully have a chance to work with my sister at a logistics company and I also got asked to help with an old friend’s young children in Newport Beach and he would hook me up with a real job too..not just his nanny. I have plenty to consider and I look forward to making another wise choice for myself. I was watching one of my favorite shows How I Met Your Mother and there was a great line and I thought of myself. “What is the nice word for selfish? Independent.” I also have the chance to sail on a boat with someone in between life in Reno so who knows what my future holds…

It was such a strange feeling when I walked into my room here in Rome and there was my giant snowboard bag on the floor! I cannot believe the time has come for me to start packing to go home already. As I was unpacking from our three-week vacation I began to realize that I have so much stuff! Both here and in Reno. If I have learned to live in a carry-on size suitcase for over 20 days I think I can go without a few items. I began to organize my clothes and started a “donation” pile of shoes and clothes that are not making the cut back to Reno. Packing makes me feel a little overwhelmed so I have not gotten far. I put my winter stuff and snowboard inside but I feel like it is November 2010 again and I am slow to get everything inside the suitcases…all over again!

Yesterday was an important day for the family and I. We met my replacement nanny! She is real sweet and the boys took to her pretty fast. Matteo was so cute! He thought that she was my friend from America so he kept asking where my sister was. This week my sister and friend come to Rome! There is so much going on this week it is intense. The boys first day of school, new nanny, my guests and me packing? It is a lot to take in for small kids. It is a lot to take in for a full size adult like myself! I believe that the transition for the family should go pretty smooth. She has the luxury of the children understanding English and speaking some! I had no reference, no understanding of Italian and no friends. She has a boyfriend here in Rome, she stayed with his family the last month, has gotten her Italian 101 with them and has an education degree AND certified to teach English as a second language: she is perfect for this job! And I will always be available for her and we have become close via Facebook. I look forward to the boys growth and English-speaking skills with her. I know that we will all stay in touch and I am thankful for Skype in order to actually see them from time to time.

Today she plans on meeting me again to pick up the kids with Nana. I am excited for her to meet Nana! Once I get the house in order I need to get ready and meet her for some good pizza and then Nana will pick us up in front of the newspaper shop. It is sort of sad to me that I have only 9 more days of picking them up after school. It is going to be hard to actually say goodbye when the time comes. They know that I am leaving soon but they don’t even know how long 5 minutes is so I think that my departure will sneak up on them! I have learned to much from these two little Italian boys….I cannot thank them enough. I hope to write a little more before I head home to Reno but this trip is coming to its end…as my story of living in Rome is too…


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