Telling Lies in another Language…

Posted on September 15, 2011


Dear Tomorrow,

Get here!!! My sister and I have had some jokes and saying about this wonderful word: Tomorrow. I want to say that it probably began when her and I first lived together in the house on Coupler in Sparks, Nevada. We kept telling our friends that, “we are moving tomorrow!” and that we were getting the keys “tomorrow!” and since then we have coined, “Tomorrow means nothing” and then changed it today to, “Tomorrow means EVERYTHING!” Sarah and Katie arrive to Rome tomorrow…! We finally got to say our favorite line, “Ok see you Tomorrow!” on this very day. Thursday the 15th of September. Even my other sister called me via Skype to remind me that I get to see them tomorrow! It is strange to be here right now typing this entry…I know that it will not be my last but sadly my written story is coming close to the end. Only 11 more days and then we take two more plans home to Reno!

I have some organizing of “Aupair with Curly hair” to do. I need to change my categories to “When in…” all the places that I got to see! When in Larino, Milano, Venice, Florence, Pisa, Tarquinia (Tuscany), Sardinia and soon to be: When in Naples! And when I am back home my last entry must be: When in Reno. It is a strange feeling packing my bags again. I feel more nervous and anxious going home than when I was leaving almost 10 months ago. I am trying my best to soak every moment in and I am cherishing these last moments with these boys. I take a pause sometimes and just close my eyes and take in all the sounds of Rome and breathe in that heavy Roman dirty air. Awwww it is pretty heavenly. There are so many things that I will think of and know that I will never forget. I will actually miss those mornings when the boys are screaming and yelling while playing right outside MY door and also they elbowing me while sitting bitch in the car. They stole my heart.

Today Matteo and I went out to play at the park together. Just him and I. We kicked around his new Lazio (booo Roma!) soccer ball and then went to explore. We found an animal bone and he kept asking if I was absolutely sure that it was a bone! I promised him that it was but my favorite thing about the conversation was that he would actually say, “Reallllly!???” in between his Italian with me. “Davvero” is Italian for really so he threw both at me. I love the way that he says, “really” because it sounds like, “Willllly!” so when he uses it alone it is the best but sometimes it is used with “willy tall” or “willy big!” I know that I am going to “willy miss” him.

Tommaso is so damn sweet. Everyday this week when I picked him up from school he would call out to me and wave then give me a big hug! He is so happy to see me and tell me about his day. I tells me everything in Italian but while he tells me I tell him what he is saying in English and he says, “yes” and nods. Even though he is still shy to speak English he sure does understand what I am saying. I ask him, “what did you do in school today?” and he answers in Italian but at least he knows the questions I am asking I am always impressed. I have had some of the best conversations just with him alone. He is a good listener and he truly has this mature sense of humor! For a seven-year old he sure laughs at the adult humor in movies like Shrek and Night at the Museum. I will miss the way that he makes me laugh and that big smile of his. And his sweet dance moves! In Sardinia he began to seriously break-dance! He is REALLY good no joke.

Tomorrow when I wake up I have to remember to take out the trash to the garbage men. I sort of got hit on my them on Tuesday so I was happy that I didn’t have to see them the next day or today. I almost forgot and ran down stairs soon as I woke up with flip-flops, pajama shorts, a purple sweater tied over my white tank and my Gucci shades…ummm not a pretty little Lexie. And my hair piled in a horrible bun on top of my head. Someone in the building has an American flag outside on their balcony so when they realized that I spoke English they asked if that was my house. Umm no. I think when I first wake up I still truly think in English so my Italian takes about 2 hours to get back to me. I was annoyed and tired so when they asked if they would see me the same time tomorrow I told them, “forse no.” I told them: maybe not. So strange the men that hit on me here. I am always instantly annoyed and try to be nice but I cannot believe they think that asking me to a coffee at 11pm is their line??! I was in a bookstore waiting for my friend last weekend and I was standing in front of the window checking out some English books passing time since Miss Ford is typically 30-40 minutes late. Some man came straight to the window and stared at me until I looked up. He actually waved at me like he knew me so I gave him an awkward wave shook my head, “no” and turned away from him. If that doesn’t kindly say “F” off I guess next time I will have to actually walk away out of sight or curse in Italian? He came inside the store, found me, interrupted me while I was on my phone and tried to take me to a coffee. I explained to him that I was meeting my friend and I wasn’t going to leave and especially not with him. He didn’t give up very easy so I told him I had a boyfriend anyways. A little lying in Italian isn’t really lying…I am speaking another language! I can justify my lie to the “too old for me” guy. Not only was he like a foot and a half taller than me and he sort of had a gut. Tucking in a white shirt in your khakis wasn’t working well buddy. He probably was younger than me but he looked over 35….plus he was much too tall. His belly button was at the top of my head. Okay maybe I am being dramatic but this ogre was not taking me anywhere so I escaped and hid in the cooking books until my friend arrived. Creeper Italians DO exist. I honestly don’t think he was actually Italian he seemed more Irish or some other wrong mix that obviously enjoyed too much beer the last 10 years. Moving on.

It has been an interesting week. Lots has changed the last month and I am unsure exactly what path I will be on once I am stateside. That dream job (personal assistant/world traveler) might just be that. A “dream.” I don’t think that it is exactly what we had anticipated and I think he doesn’t know how to tell me in fear that I will be let down so nothing has been said. We never signed any contracts or made any agreement besides that we would see each other in October when I am in Reno so I am not that worried about it. Like I always say, “I never know what I am doing until I am doing it.” So just in case there is no chance at working with him I sent my resume to my sisters work and got the response within a few hours and had a phone interview the next afternoon! Not to shabby for being 6000 miles away and thanks a million to Skype credit. Also, I had another job offer this week! A good friend that lives in Newport Beach offered to get me a real career with Target if I agreed to help him 2-3 days a week with his gorgeous three children. I was thinking that I didn’t really want to nanny again BUT that beach? Target? (not a sales girl in a red shirt and khakis but most likely suit up!?) I am keeping my options open. There is no doubt I am on to even more great things but the first step is having to say goodbye to Rome…until then..until October? I am still on “vacation” from real life. I am going to take in these last days and live it up with my sister and the one and only: Lucky Frank Josephine – (hyphen…we must spell the hyphen!) Betty Sweet Nasty Frank!!!!

Tomorrow means EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!



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