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Telling Lies in another Language…

September 15, 2011


Dear Tomorrow, Get here!!! My sister and I have had some jokes and saying about this wonderful word: Tomorrow. I want to say that it probably began when her and I first lived together in the house on Coupler in Sparks, Nevada. We kept telling our friends that, “we are moving tomorrow!” and that we […]

What is the Nice Word for Selfish….?

September 13, 2011


Dear Phone Charger, I have been so good at not forgetting anything this entire trip. I forgot my phone charger in Tuscany. My phone is on its last “bar” of life and today I got (probably my last message before my phone dies down) a message confirming that my long-lost charger was found in Tuscany […]

Nonna Claus & 365 Ways to Cook Pasta!

September 6, 2011


Dear Angel Earrings, How does this Nonna know what I want to buy next!?? Again “Mrs. Clause” gave me another gift…! She is so very sweet and thoughtful all the time. She found me so big angel earrings that actually match the necklace that my mother sent me from New York. I have been wanting […]

A Gelato Snob & the Countdown has Begun!

September 4, 2011


Dear Mirto Gelato, What an intense flavor! This has been the longest that I didn’t have gelato this entire trip! At the hotel I had a few “bagged ice-creams” but it is not as pleasant as fresh gelato…I have turned into a gelato snob no doubt. Today was our last day in the town center […]

Experiments and Experience…

August 30, 2011


Dear Sunday Dinner, This was more of an “experience” than just a dinner out! There was a party of 13 with 4 kids and we traveled to the top of the mountains to have an amazing dinner extravaganza at a place called Agriturismo Sa Crescjia Ezza. The concept of the place is that everything that they create […]

Becoming a “Typical Italian”

August 27, 2011


Dear Basil in Sardinia, This might be the tastiest green basil in the world…! Simple pesto with pine nuts, olive oil and salt makes the best simple sauce. Everyone can find these four ingredients BUT the special basil here is NOT typical. The leaves are deeper green, smaller in size and just a different flavor. A […]

Gucci Blue & a Resort Called Home…

August 23, 2011


Dearest Sardinia, This gorgeous place must be named the 8th wonder of the world! The beauty is beyond anything that I have imagined…my mother says it is the “playground for the rich” and I think that she is correct. The water is clear at the beach and when we arrived via “nave” (ship…HUGE ship with three stories […]