Just Livin’ the Dream & 15 Bug Bites…

Posted on July 1, 2011


Dear Tarquinia,

What a gorgeous place to get away! This house is super nice and very quite which is such a change of pace from the big city center we are from. We settled in last night and had a nice long day that began with me waking up with (I counted them!) 15 bug bugs…ughgh! It is the worst! I sprayed my bed and my room JUST to be safe tonight. S had an appointment so they left me with the children for about two hours after breakfast. So far (it is only day 2) BUT I feel pretty confident that this will be a smooth three weeks. There is PLENTY to do to stay busy and happy. There are tons of outside toys, bikes, a Ducati PowerWheel, we search and catch bugs (I am going to catch a lizard before the week is up..yeah I am such a boy) play with some rackets…sort of like racket ball but with bigger colorful balls. The kind that would fill up a huge pool and you could jump into a bowl of balls. That sounds strange but funny…you know what kind I mean! Our neighbors have returned over 11 balls so far from over the hedge. Yeah it is a hedge not a fence to separate yards between these sweet homes. All I am saying is that there is plenty more to do than play Monopoly or Indovina Chi? (Guess Who)!!! Oh, and there is an ancient Monopoly here that is an old Mickey Mouse version that is pretty confusing but the idea is simple. We never play anything for long so at least there is always something to do next!

The hot water was out so S and T individually came to tell me about the arrival of a man named “Bruno.” Of course it is his name. Soon a few men came through and no one introduced themselves so I thought everyone was Bruno. There were men that came to garden and take care of the property. Two of three were babes. Kind of older babes but since I am getting older I notice. Then a few more guys came to do the water and check  on the gas. One was cute with really nice eyes and the other with super dark lashes that were distracting. Do not look him in the eyes…THEN a few more came to put in a light in my room. Men at work is an understatement. One spoke to me in broken English once he heard me speaking to the kids and then as a group they nodded when the guy told me that all three of them were in need of an “American baby-sitter” with winks. Right. I wanted to ask them if they had something in their eyes with the dramatic winks but I don’t think sarcasm translates the same…

After the parents came back we gathered our beach bags and headed to the sea. In Italian, Tommaso kept asking his father, “How much longer…are we there yet…when will we get there..at what time?” so I tried to help the kid by teaching him these phrases in English. Maybe tomorrow will be better…in between the elbows, kicks and leaning it was a “smooth” ride. Right….get me out of the car! Maybe I was just having a hard time since they kept stepping on my legs that are covered in bites. OR because it is my “womans day?” Yeah I craved chocolate…womans day indeed.

While there it was something else. What a pretty beach and full for late afternoon! We played mostly in the sand, I read, I tanned, I walked along the water, I took pictures and I got an ice cream. Of course the one I wanted was sold out so I landed on a pistachio choice. It was good since it was cold and it was blazing hot but that is not the best part…I totally got hit on by a (probably) 12 to 14-year-old Italian kid!!! I think he may have thought I was young OR he was just being nice (ahem…Italian sterotypical…?) Starting young these guys…He asked me where I was from when he heard me speaking English to Matteo while making ice cream choices. Then when I told him I was American he says, “awwww America. Beautiful. Like you.” I smiled and said thank you but hurried off. It is a compliment from anyone I suppose but the real compliment is that he may have thought I was his age! This was the humor! It is nice to look young I guess. Real mature Lex. Real Mature!

Once we were back home after making a few more stops around the tiny town it was time to shower. Finally. I felt so icky all day from the bites and cream to stop the itching, then the sand, I barely got in the water (another rule I am unsure of…T and S do not allow them to get in all the way in certain beaches) only because THEY could not I controlled my urge to dive through the three foot waves. We gave the boys showers and got them dressed for bed and then each took turns using the hot water until dinner. I was in no rush since I wanted to brush my nappy hair (there is more moisture here so gets a little wild!) re-paint my busted ass toes (playing outside all day like a boy is hard on the feet!) and shave my legs. T was smart she waxed today at the local salon. That is about all there is here. ONE of everything. One shop with nice clothes, an antique like shop for house items, a tobacco shop, two bars, a real estate agent and a hair dresser. I did not see a post office or grocery store! You must travel out a little further for major items.

Showering outside might be my favorite thing in the world. I like it more than Venice…Ok maybe not but as much as Venice! I remember in Hawaii, when my aunt used to live there years ago, she had a shower outside but THIS shower is tiled and the sky is your ceiling…plus I was “little and don’t remember” t details. I do not know how many houses that I will have but at least three of mine will have this lovely accommodation! I know it is mostly to clean off after the beach BUT I plan to use it every time while I am here. As long as the boys are in pajamas and not allowed outside. I am not sure where their heads are at yet but I have gotten plenty of pinches and pats on my ass that were not just the friend ass-punch either! I get each one and I give them the finger between the eyes and tell them, “Don’t!!!” it is never funny so not smiling is easy.

During dinner the boys found their two-way radios and they were cracking my up! “Pronto! Pronto! Mi Senti? Mi Senti!?” (hello? Can you hear me?) they say to each other and say “no!” because they are not even pressing any buttons on the radio! (YET they are right next to one another BUT cannot hear…see why I laugh so much!?) I try over and over to show them that they had to not only separate (the point to having a radio is when YOU CANNOT SEE each other!) to different rooms of the house but hold down a button while they talk and let off to listen! After dinner they got it…What entertainment I have! I just love these kids, I really do! We are going to have such a great time playing these next few weeks. And I get to get my tan on the entire time!? Love getting paid to tan and play…livin’ the dream…just livin’ the dream.


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