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“I’m going to Rome and I am taking……hand sanitizer!”

April 30, 2011


Dear Crowded Bus, This is an understatement.  Overcrowded does not even begin to cover how full this bus was today! It was raining and everyone needed to take the bus so people were wet, smelly and way too close to me. I am not tall so when they were crowding me it was backs and chests […]

“Anzi No!” On the Contrary…Rome is NOT a Small City…

April 29, 2011


Dear Lost Gift, For about a week now I have been searching all over my room for a present that I got for someone at home with no luck. I looked in every corner, in shoes, in bags, purses and drawers and found nothing. I went out early today to shop around for an alternative […]

Bacon and Eggs in Rome…and Signore M.L.B. Simoni!

April 28, 2011


Dear Sistine Chapel, Yes, I finally graced the Vatican with my presence this morning! It was incredible and I got to take many photos which was great but the only place in the entire museum that you cannot take any photos is of course inside the chapel. I only had to wait in line outside […]

There Is No Such Thing As TOO Much Cheese and Wine…

April 27, 2011

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Dear “Costco” of Rome, This place is the best! I believe that it is even larger than any Costco I have been to in the States and filled with Italian good stuff! From office supplies, olive oil, vino, cleaning products, coffee, cheese, furniture, booze, snacks and chocolate. A literal one stop for EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. My first […]

I Like the Tooth Fairy Mouse but I Don’t Like…

April 26, 2011


Dear Topolino Dei Denti, This, my friends is the “tooth mouse!” Something like what we have called the “Tooth Fairy.” Tommaso lost a tooth and the little topolino (mouse) left him 3 coins! He was so excited to show me the hole in his grill and have me witness the three euro that he was gifted under […]

Everyone Needs a Little Dean Martin in Their Life…

April 25, 2011


Dear MTV Italia, I have become addicted to this channel. Sometimes it is some normal stupid shows from the States but I enjoy it most when it is the top 50 Italian hit songs. There is a little icon that says, “Italians do it better” in the corner of the screen. Makes me laugh. Ahhh […]

Popcorn for Easter and More Hospital Food…

April 24, 2011


Dear “Hospital Food”, I really don’t mind the simple plain food that we have been eating since the entire house, except me, has been sick. I have never had pasta in the hospital and I don’t think that I would like it! Here at home I like the pasta; no matter what it is served […]